Savage indignation lacerates his breast

Mitt's finest moment may well have been telling Brian Mooney of The Boston Globe that, when he was doing his Mormon mission in France, he really wanted to be fighting in Vietnam. In other words, rather than pestering wine-growers in Provence, Mitt really wanted to be humping the pig across the Central Highlands. This is so stupefyingly fraudulent as to be goddamn close to immortal
Charlie Pierce

For a number of years, Charlie Pierce blogged about sports for the Boston Globe. This was fine, as Charlie is a very good and knowledgeable sportwriter, but now he has left the Boston Globe to blog about politics for Esquire. The sound you hear is the tubes of the internet snapping from the heat, like telephone cables in a forest fire.

PS: Charlie will still be writing about sports for Grantland.com. There is no net loss of Charlie, as George HW Bush might have said.

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  1. tejanarusa September 28, 2011 at 10:22 am #

    This is great news! Charlie on politics is absolutely must-read. Thanks for th enews.