Versace Man Eau Fraiche – An Unbiased Review

When it comes to choosing the best male fragrances, Versace colognes are some of the most popular choices. Whenever you purchase their brand you will realize that they will exceed your expectations. Among these brands is the Versace Man Eau which is quite different from all the others. Coming with a unique aquatic touch it will provide you with an instant freshness that will make you feel confident once you step outside.

While its woodsy note adds to its subtle elegance, its Zesty essence will remind you of sunshine and summer. If you love the compliment of being cool then you will love to try it out. With an acceptable amount of sillage and longevity, it’s among the most popular products. Released in 2006, it exudes a fresh scent that will give you that clean striking and very masculine scent. Since it expresses a man’s individuality, it has a very empowering scent.


With its enticing and seductive appeal, its overall projection is just great. It has a remarkably fresh smell that is not only appealing but sexy as well. It normally opens up with the perfect blend of rose and citrus notes. Although it has a strong fragrance it’s not overbearing. The musky, woody, aquatic notes give life to its richness that will surely give you the confidence that you need. Although it may have floral scent its strong fragrance compliments its light scent to strike the perfect balance of a good perfume.

It last long

While some fragrances smell great this rarely lasts long. However, this has never failed the test of longevity. Just a few sprays will last on your body throughout the day even if engaged in strenuous physical activities

Best use

As compared to other colognes, its great smelling allows it to be paired with any type of clothing. Regardless of the occasion, you will not even think twice as to when you should use it. Whenever you wear it you can comfortably use it throughout the day. Whether you are attending a special night out or going for a hang out with friends it’s still the kind of fragrance that you’ll choose.

However, it’s quite suitable to use it during summer.


· It comes with a unique and an elegant packaging.
· It’s been made with a perfect blend of strong and soft fragrance that will give life to its refreshing quality.
· It will give you the confidence that is relaxing and that will attract people to you.
· It has a clean, aquatic and masculine scent with musky, woody, and oriental notes.
· It’s ideal for any occasion.


If you are used to the traditional and the masculine scents then it might not be the best one for you.

Wrap up

Overall, this perfume is a unique summer fragrance that will make you smell good and give you the confidence that you need. For the price that it’s offered, it’s fragrances that’s very hard to beat. It’s somewhat unique, affordable and performing hence its true gem. Although it might not be the best its worth using. With all the positive things about it, you will rarely find anything negative about it. While the scent might not be strong enough, it’s still very clean, unique, and fresh. Once you wear it as a daily scent it will not fail you when you start drawing compliments.

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