Are Wood Stoves Inserts Dangerous?

For many people getting a wood stove insert could be the answer to rising gas and heating bills. Having a warm house during the winter with a wood stove insert seems to be a logical alternative to a traditional heating system, but are they safe? If you want to understand whether wood stoves inserts are safe and right for you, we will help you make up your mind.

The first thing to consider is any toxins or pollution. Just like a traditional fireplace, a wood stove insert can release the same kinds of pollutants from burnt material into your home. To prevent this, hire a reliable and experienced installation team. But choosing a company that has plenty of experience installing wood stoves inserts is not the only thing you need to do. Besides experience you an expert that is a certified chimney technician. It means the Chimney Safety Institute of America certified the installer. There is no higher standard in the industry.

You should also only purchase wood stoves inserts that are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. By doing so, a wood-burning appliance like a wood stove insert releases fewer toxins into the atmosphere, which is better for your family. It also takes far less wood to produce the same amount of heat relative to a non-EPA certified burner. Keep in mind that only a wood stove insert manufactured in the last few years will qualify. Older models are not going to be EPA certified.

Upkeep and maintenance are mandatory for any wood stove insert you decide to install. Proper support of your EPA approved wood stove insert by a certified chimney technician will keep your family out of a dangerous situation. Not keeping up with regular appointments for maintenance will inevitably produce a safety hazard. Gaps in the ventilation system may occur, which can release deadly toxins into your home.

When your wood stove insert is not in use always remember to keep the glass door sealed tightly. It will stop air from leaving your home during the summer or winter, which can save you on your electrical bill. This can also prevent any downdraft of outside air from blowing burnt wood residue or other chemicals into your home. You should also keep any kinds of flammable or combustible materials away from your wood stove insert at all times.

So are wood stoves inserts safe? For a responsible homeowner, the answer is obviously yes. However, this is not the kind of appliance you buy from your local big-box retailer or hardware store. So much can go into purchasing a wood stove insert. As previously mentioned, an EPA certified wood stove insert is the best choice. Couple this with an experienced installer that is CSIA certified plus regular maintenance, and you should have no issues. If you are not able to invest the time, money, and education it takes to learn about proper installation and upkeep then consider a traditional heating system for the winter. Wood stoves inserts are safe, but you need to educate yourself and your family. For quality and reliable wood stove inserts see the Fire in Style recommendations.

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