An Unbiased Review Of Bonavita BV1800SS 8-Cup Original Coffee Brewer

Bonavita BV1800SS 8-Cup Original Coffee Brewer

The breathtaking Bonavita BV1800SS is going to be the ideal coffee brewer for you in case you are on the lookout for one which offers you a perfect mug of java every morning. This device will provide you with great results and only fresh coffee plus filtered water will be required for brewing the java. One of the most significant features of the product happens to be the automated power-off function. The innovative one-touch brewing functionality likewise deserves special mention.

A robust and precise heater is fitted to the brewer which is capable of attaining the maximum temperature in order to make some fantastic coffee. The Bonavita BV1800SS also comes with a tight-fitting lid along with a vacuum walled design which is responsible for retaining heat. Moreover, you will not find it difficult to clean the carafe. Below we have mentioned a comprehensive review of Bonavita BV1800SS which will let you know further about the device.

Accessories Included:

  • Thermal carafe
  • Filter basket
  • Carafe Lid
  • 8-Cup Coffee Maker
  • User manual
  • Warranty

Main Features:

  • A revolutionary one-touche function for brewing.
  • A robust and precise heater for sustaining maximum temperature while brewing. The incredible Bonavita BV1800SS likewise includes a 1400-watt coil in a boiler which aids in brewing a fantastic mug of coffee by making the brew reach the appropriate temperature.
  • The product has also a resilient stainless steel lined thermal carafe which helps to conserve heat flawlessly.
  • There is also a cutting-edge showerhead layout intended for complete saturation plus maximum extraction which helps to make certain that the grinds are evenly saturated. Furthermore, this design aids in promoting optimal extraction.
  • The showerhead, filter basket as well as the carafe lid is 100% dishwater safe

The Java Quality:

You won’t come across lots of adverse remarks regarding the quality of coffee brewed by the product. The majority of the coffeemakers impart a plastic taste to the beverage; however, it is not the case with Bonavita BV1800SS.

The Coffee Maker Quality:

Due to its impeccable design, the device makes it possible for the users to prepare as many as 8 cups of stimulating coffee simultaneously. The major portion of this product has been made from stainless steel. It is no surprise that there are numerous gratified users all over the world who have found this coffeemaker to be simply breathtaking.

Simplicity of Use:

You can effortlessly turn this product on and off using only a single switch. In fact, the whole process is so simple that almost anyone can use it without any problem at all. It is not feasible to remove the reservoir that comes with the device which should not be any reason to worry. The user simply needs to take out the carafe lid prior to starting the brewing process.


  • The brew head distributes the water evenly which guarantees 100% saturation of coffee grounds.
  • Optimal and consistent brewing temperature.
  • Obtainable in thermal or glass carafe.
  • It is feasible to complete the brewing process within a few minutes.
  • A lucrative 2-year warranty.
  • The plastic parts that come with the device happen to be BPA free.


  • Absence of a timer.
  • No clock.
  • Absence of any pause and serve feature.
  • Absence of any programmability.


Thus it is evident from the above-mentioned facts that the Bonavita BV1800SS is one of the leading coffee brewers out there which one will not find difficult to operate. On top of this, the manufacturer likewise offers a fantastic 2-year warranty. In a nutshell, this product is ideal for all those who desire a top-quality hassle-free coffeemaker that won’t break their wallet.

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Buying a Mini Laptop on a Budget

Nowadays, owning a laptop is considered the best thing you can do to complete most assignments at school and work on time. A laptop saves you the trouble of staying late at school or in the office as you are able to carry it home and finish up the remaining work. Although laptops are quite costly, the burden has been greatly lessened by laptop manufacturers introducing mini laptops. Mini laptops are convenient because of the light weight and you do not have to struggle to carry it to school and back home. For those on a budget, purchasing a mini laptop greatly ensures that you do not deviate from your budgetary plan.

One of the primary benefits of purchasing a mini laptop is that most are affordable. The friendly prices ensure that you get to use a good laptop and enjoy the features that are in other laptops in the market. Therefore purchasing a laptop when on a budget helps you save a lot of money as you are guaranteed use of the same features in other laptops.

The other benefit you get by purchasing a mini laptop when on a budget is the other obvious benefits that other laptop users enjoy. Apart from saving money when on a budget you enjoy the benefits that come with the weight of mini laptops. All mini laptops are light and one can carry them around from work, school and back home. This saves you the money you would use getting a taxi because you simply carry it around in your backpack without getting tired.

Another benefit of mini laptops is its small size (OBVIOUSLY!) This is convenient especially when traveling, coupled with being light, you are able to fit it in well with your luggage without many struggles. This also ensures that you do not incur unnecessary expenses carrying more luggage trying to fit in your laptop. Having looked at some of the benefits of a mini laptop, it is necessary to also look at some of the current affordable mini laptops in the market.

One of the best mini laptops you can purchase right now is the Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K02US. This laptop is considered the best so far because of its battery life that can stay up to 11 hours. Other features include a processor speed of 2.16 GHz, an 11.6 inch LED HD resolution screen ensuring that watching videos is much fun, Intel Celeron processor, and 1.6 GHz processor. On top of this, the mini laptop has built in special features that protect the laptop from viruses when you are browsing the internet.

The other great laptop in the market is the Asus Transformer Book T100HA-C4-GR 10.1 inch 2 in 1. This is a light detachable laptop which means that you can either choose to use it with the keyboard or as a tablet. The other special features of this laptop include a 12-hour battery life, a touch-screen and 64 GB internal storage.

The Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012-16AA 2in 1 is another detachable mini laptop in the market right now. The distinct features of this mini laptop include a 10-inch touch screen, an already pre-installed Windows 8.1, a 32 GB SSD internal storage capacity, a processor speed of 1.33 and 2GB RAM.

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All you need to know about 3d fiber lash mascara

A mascara is an essential part of every woman’s makeup routine. An eye makeup look wouldn’t be complete without wearing a mascara. They come in various colors and offer volumizing and lengthening properties. Since all cosmetic brands have their own version of mascara, it can become difficult to choose which one is best for you. It’s important to keep in mind that not all mascaras are created equal. Some will be better than others and you wouldn’t want to waste your money on a product that doesn’t work.

This is the main reason why it’s best to understand factors which comprises a good mascara. The three most important factors you have to look for are lengthening and volumizing properties as well as achieving fuller lashes. Most mascaras promise to provide these three factors but they never actually work. If you want to achieve noticeable and luscious looking eyelashes, 3D fiber lash mascara is your best option. It makes use of a black transplanting gel which helps darken the eyelashes and makes them look luscious and beautiful.

The most recent addition to the ever growing mascara market is the 3D fiber lash mascara. It provides amazing benefits and creates fuller looking eyelashes without weighing it down. It is an innovative upgrade to the regular mascara wands which usually don’t deliver on their promises of providing length, volume and intensity. The main difference between a regular mascara and a 3D fiber lash mascara is the tiny micro fibers only found in the latter type.

The fibers are usually made up of rayon or nylon which both provide volume and length effectively. Some 3D fiber lash mascaras also make use of natural fibers such as plant fibers or silk. When the fibers are combined with the liquid agent or gel which all mascaras make use of, it adheres to the eyelashes naturally. As a result, it creates longer looking and volumized eyelashes which look incredible.

Using a 3D fiber lash mascara is the most effective way to make sure that you will achieve the most beautiful eye makeup looks. If you’re sick and tired of using a regular mascara which doesn’t deliver on its promise, you should jump on the bandwagon and try a 3D fiber lash mascara instead. It provides the look of dramatic lashes without having to wear lash extensions or false eyelashes. The best part about using one is that they’re extremely convenient and easy to use. Simply apply the magnifying gel onto your eyelashes and then follow up with the wand which has micro fibers in it.

3d fiber lash mascara

It’s important to wait for at least thirty seconds before you apply a second layer. This will allow the gel and the micro fibers to dry completely. You can repeat the steps until you’ve achieved your desired length and intensity. You will be able to see a very noticeable difference once you have applied it. The brush is perfectly shaped to make sure that it will be able to coat every single lash and create a very dramatic look.

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