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My friend and colleague Ian Chillag likes to write up a LBRR — or Long Boring Race Report — after some of his races. I do so here, in the Runner’s World RW Challenge blog. I also address, kinda sorta not really, the world shaking controversy caused by the last post.

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On Radio

I was honored to serve as the host for the Third Coast Audio Festival Awards this evening. You can hear all of the award winning documentaries at – I especially recommend the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award winners.  I opened the ceremony with the following remarks on radio, after the jump.


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Latest Entry in Runner’s World Challenge Diary

In which I write about banditting the Chicago Marathon. If you think I am awful person for doing that, you can let me know in the comments.

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Tavi Gevinson in the Chicago Tribune

Our wonderful NMJ guest on this week’s show, here. You can listen to my interview with her, here.

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In which a childhood dream comes true.

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Cyrano Is An Idiot

We went  to see Cyrano at the House Theater of Chicago, and loved every second. It’s (to paraphrase William Goldman) just the good parts — no politics, no manifestos, no De Guiche, just lots of swordfighting and lovelorn poetry. It’s highly recommended, and everybody anywhere near Chicago should go see it. And my old friend Sean Pfautsch gives the best performance as Cyrano I’ve ever seen. Really.

But it began a discussion with my daughters, which resulted in these Theorems, in re: Mr. De Bergerac. Continue Reading →

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All Things Considered Remembers Jo Carson

Thanks to NPR producer Art Silverman, who knew and worked with Jo, and went back to the archives to find a lovely bit of tape Jo contributed to NPR back in the 80s. It was broadcast in the first half hour of All Things Considered today, and the audio will be available later here.

“You’re not here to die…”

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The Production of Innocence

I work for NPR, but not for NPR News, which I think makes all of us very happy, because I can make sophomoric jokes on the air and they can maintain complete deniability.

I am, however, a big fan of NPR news, and I count many of their hosts and correspondents among my friends. So: this is a pretty pointed critique of my friends, but I found it interesting, in that it discusses one of the big underlying questions of contemporary journalism: when do you owe your audience not just the facts, but the truth? And how do you determine what that is?

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The Real Same Sex Marriage Debate

Is not happening between liberals and conservatives, but between conservatives and other conservatives. You can see it happening in the comment thread on this article from National Review Online. I read a lot of NRO articles, and I can tell you: no other topic brings up as much actual debate (as opposed to echoing/applause/dittos, etc) among the conservative readers of the Corner.

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Savage indignation lacerates his breast

Mitt's finest moment may well have been telling Brian Mooney of The Boston Globe that, when he was doing his Mormon mission in France, he really wanted to be fighting in Vietnam. In other words, rather than pestering wine-growers in Provence, Mitt really wanted to be humping the pig across the Central Highlands. This is so stupefyingly fraudulent as to be goddamn close to immortal
Charlie Pierce

For a number of years, Charlie Pierce blogged about sports for the Boston Globe. This was fine, as Charlie is a very good and knowledgeable sportwriter, but now he has left the Boston Globe to blog about politics for Esquire. The sound you hear is the tubes of the internet snapping from the heat, like telephone cables in a forest fire.

PS: Charlie will still be writing about sports for There is no net loss of Charlie, as George HW Bush might have said.

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